When The Character Will Not Tell You Her Name




When I wrote the original story idea for this series, this character started out being Camille Huntley and a bit aloof and snobby. As I actually got into some of the initial first draft writing she turned out not to be snobby, but just a little distant, except around Emma and Thad, who she can be herself with. When I jotted notes for the second books in the series she became Bea.

The character is teasing me. She will not tell me what her name is. She is elusive and very skilled at allowing me to think something about her, but she never actually said if I am right or not. The only parts of her that seems to share is how she feels about Emma and Thad.

So, since she wants to be mysterious I will let the readers of the blog help me nail down her name once and for all. Be she Bea or Cam? Please vote on the poll located on the sidebar. And I will go with the results. Thanks!


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