Thank You For Helping Figure Out Her Name




Thank you for helping me get her to reveal her name. As a reward, here is a small glimpse into who she is.

And The Envelope Please!


My stunning 3, 256 year old Chi Vampire, whispered in your ears and made her name known. Her name is by the narrowest of margins…

Camille Beata Huntley


She began life as Camille Beata Valerii, around the year 1265 B.C.E. Her mother was Gallic and her father a Roman noble. Her mother was a druid priestess and well versed in all things magickal, she knew she would have Camille, so she prepared many scrolls for her daughter as she knew she would not survive the birth. Her father truly loved her mother, who had beautiful blue eyes and long, flowing blond hair. He knew she would be miserable if he married her and set her up as his wife, for the other nobles and their wives would shun her. Her coloring marked her for what she was, Gaul and they would never accept her. When he found out she was to have his child he was ecstatic and made preparation for the child and her mother to be ensconced in his home.

He grieved deeply when his love was lost giving birth to their child and he feared he could not love her. However, he took one look into the beautiful face of his child and fell in love, for she had her mother’s eyes and his color otherwise. He would use his influence to make sure she grew up accepted into Roman society. If anyone questioned her parentage he would use force if necessary to silence them. He would see that she was well married. She would be a Roman noble.

Camille grew up happy in the shadow of her father’s love and practiced what she had inherited from her mother secretly, so no one would ever guess her true origins. She read the scrolls and cherished them because they were all she had of her mother and because they brought her closer to her other people, the druids, who she was not allowed anywhere near, lest someone guess who her mother had been. When she reached adulthood, she took over the duties of being her father’s host and the runner of his household. Camille was content with her lot. Her father loved her and she had friends. Her one sorrow was that they could never truly know her, because she was a druid and their upbringing would not allow them to accept her.

When she turned 25, two events happened which were to alter her life forever. One her father was killed in an uprising of the Gauls who lived around them. They were slaughtered into submission, but her father was one of the slight Roman casualties. A woman keeping her home could be perilous if she had no man to protect her, keeping her station was out of the question. So, her father’s advisors and companions sought to find her a husband immediately. They did. His name was Alexandru Sabinus, he was incredibly handsome, had more holdings and monies than her father had and she was supposed to consider herself quite lucky that he had consented to marry someone of her questionable parentage. So, despairing of what else could be done, she married Alexandru, and went to live with him in Massalia.

On her wedding night, she was prepared by the servant girls she was given, for she had not been allowed to  bring the ones who had served her since her birth. She entered the bridal chamber very nervous and not truly knowing what would happen. Camille knew that men, sometimes married women they felt were beneath for the simple pleasure of being to do with them as they wished, because no one would dare say anything about how a man treated his wife, but if he was butchering girls in the streets they would complain. So, they would go through plenty of wives and have a dark reputation but they faced no official complaint.

When Alexandru entered he talked to her for a while to set her mind at ease. He lulled her with fine wine. She was relaxed and prepared to become his wife when he took her to bed. Afterwards, she lay basking in the afterglow of being loved well, when her husband slipped his hands gently around her waist she snuggled back against him and sighed. He breathed his warm, aromatic breath on her neck and she could feel her pulse quicken. Because of who she was, she felt him slide into her aura and began to struggle against him, fighting to keep her inner being intact. His arms just tightened around her, she felt her ribs breaking, as he began to rub her sensitive womanhood. She moaned half in pain and half in ecstasy. As her pleasure built she could feel him drawing  energy from her life-force. She tried to make herself ignore the pleasure and fight to stop the drain, but it was too much. She began to crest over and over again, each time feeling weaker, less herself. Finally he pulled free of her life-force and his arm lessened their hold.

Camille lay their waiting to die, sure no one could survive with so much of their will taken away, of the vital essence of life drained from their being. Alexandru, whispered in her ear. Kissing her lobes as he explained her choices.

“I am a Chi Vampire. I was once mortal as you are now. I travelled to the East going into region where few of my countrymen have ever gone and few have returned from. While there I was attacked by a woman, who gave pleasure unlike any I had ever known and then she explained to me that I was dying. I panicked, she slapped me, and told me I could live if I had the desire. I nodded. She told me what I am about to tell you.” He caressed Camille’s pale face. “Feel the place inside yourself were I just was.” He had waited until he knew the Camille had found it. “Open it. Now use the need of that part of you to survive, for it is your essence, it will fight when the rest has given up.” His pupil’s widened. “Good. Now take what your essence needs to survive.” He saw the confusion on Camille’s exhausted features. “It will know how, just allow it.”Camille focused and found that she knew exactly where her life-force was inside him. She knew exactly how to draw it back inside herself and to take his as well. She began to pull the energy back into herself.”Good, very good, my beauty.” Camille continued until he began to push against her trying to stop her.

“You will never do this to me or anyone else ever again.” Camille said, her blue eyes glowing with power.

“If you kill me now you will never know what you must know to survive this.” His head flopped back on the pillows behind them.

“Then tell me.” She saw herself twisting his lungs as she drained the energy from them. He groaned.

“You will no longer age, but you must feed or you will die a death more painful than the one you are giving me. And if you do not kill you will leave the world populated with monsters. For never doubt that is what you will be. What I have been for ten years.” His eyes became unfocused, his breathing labored and still Camille took his life-force.

When she was certain that he was dead, she climbed from her marriage bed, covered herself and called for her servants. When they saw what she had done, they started to cry out and alert the guards. Camille astonished herself, as she was on them and could see the fear in their eyes. They had known what he was and what he had planned to do to her.

“I will spare your lives in return for your secrecy and your help. Speak only to agree. Otherwise you die where you stand.” Camille had whispered furiously, only partially sure she could do as she said.

They had nodded with their eyes wide and the breathing harsh. She had them ask the guards into the room. She gave them the same ultimatum. They had also agreed. She had them wrap Alexandru’s body in the coverlets from the bed. Once that was accomplished, she realized she could see that they had often performed this task for their dead master. She could see in their thoughts how many girls the monster had killed before whatever reason had led him to decide to turn her into a monster instead of killing her.

She knew she could not let on, that the ability to read their thoughts was new and unsettling to her or they might know how uncertain of her abilities she was and revolt. She had the guards put the body in the back of a wagon, like they would have done her, if she had succumbed. Then she ordered the guards to do with the body what they would have done with hers. When they returned without the body and no additional guards to take her away for murder, she ordered a guard to dress in her husband’s clothes and to ride out on her husband horse. She gave him money, enough to ensure that he would not return to the area and told him to ride out as though he was her husband riding off on one of his many journeys.

Camille had lived in fear for several months. She managed to keep up the charade of not knowing where her husband had gone or when he would be back. She learned how to feed and the guards now took her victims away to the sea to dump them. After a couple of years, Camille ready the house to be closed and the furniture shipped to Caletum off the coast of what would be known as Dover.

Camille lived there with her servants and her secrets for many years. She would sneak out at night and then arrive at the city gates at dawn, in full view of her neighbors, pretending to be a young girl coming to attend her ailing relative. She would always be shrouded and make sure her hair was not visible. Because she kept to herself, no one took any notice of what had to be an ailing woman, seeking someone to care for her. As time passed, she became a widow on non-marriageable age, and she no longer had to keep the pretense that her husband lived elsewhere never returning to check on his poor wife. She was shrewd and increased his fortune.

Eventually she migrated across the channel and began to live in Brittania, loving its beauty and finding its people much like she imagined her mother’s people would have been if she had known them. When she had been almost a thousand years in the life of a Chi Vampire, she came across a fiery redheaded woman warrior. The woman did not seem to be aging and she seldom needed care after a battle. Curious, Camille sought her out, wondering if she had found another being like herself. The woman attacked her and Camille prepared to defend herself, she pushed who and what she was into the woman’s mind. The woman let her up and scrambled away. Asking her in a flurry of different languages what she was. Camille did her best to explain. To her surprise, the woman had laughed, and explained in the Gallic that she two spoke that she was not like Camille, but she did not age either and hadn’t since she had been “killed” in battle over a thousand years ago. They talked into the night, each grateful to have someone who understand the loneliness and the fear of being different.

Camille and the warrior who at the time called herself, Meaghan, became inseparable friends. And she trusted Camille to feed on her. Camille could take what she needed to survive and not have to take a life or worry she was leaving behind a world peopled with monsters. As time passed, they grew to love each other in every way possible. For Camille the love was strong enough that when Meaghan who at the point called herself, Maeve Meaghan Conaghan, had fallen for a healer  she met on the battlefields of Normandy, named Thad, Camille had loved him too.

The rest as the say, (well I doubt they say this, but I do), is to be found in the books.

Thanks again for the help in getting her to say her name. She is a mysterious one. 🙂



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