Em Doesn’t Have A Problem Expressing Herself, Ever!


Emmaline Mercer goes by Emma.

She is a 3,286 years old Dynastic Witch

She began life as Meaghan O’Ciardha. And she has had many names over the centuries, but she always keeps Meaghan as part of the name.

She stopped aging when she was killed in battle the first time at age 27. That is when she found out that she is a dynastic witch. The family she had always known is actually her adoptive family, because the enemy clan’s Anihilaire or Chief Assassin wiped out her biological family in a centuries long dynastic feud to the death, she was not considered powerful enough to be a threat so she was left alive as a reminder to others. She was given to the serfs that her family had owned, who are lesser witches, those who must rely on Craft to cause magick.

When war came to her people she had battled and been slain. When she woke up, her mother told her the truth and informed her that she must have found her life purpose in the battle at some point, because for dynastic witches once the life purpose is found, a Ce`ad Ba`s or First Death follows and then the witch is reawakened with the sense of purpose that was found in his or her first life. Peace will only come if the witch pursues that purpose and life is eternal. For very little can kill a dynastic witch who has been through the First Death.

For Emma, that purpose is justice, or more specifically tracking down and stopping those who would take from anyone weaker than them. This has led her to have a wide variety of professions over the years, until she settled on police work in the late 60s. She relocates frequently after she has been somewhere long enough where the glamours she performs to make her appear to age become too difficult to hold. This need to move on before she is discovered has made her reluctant to form attachments, not to mention the fact that they age and die and she stays the same. She is only truly close to two people in all the world; her soul mate Thad Winston and her best friend and partner Camille Huntley.

Emma and Camille met over two thousand years ago and have been inseparable ever since, because they share the curse/ gift of immortality. It did not take them long to figure out that Emma was the perfect “meal” for Camille because draining Emma would not kill her and was one heck of a feeding. Emma is not sure when it became more the feeding and survival, more than friendship, but she is not one to look back or dwell, so she just enjoys what they can share.

When she and Camille were separated while fleeing the Witch Trials, she had to set up her own life and make her way without Camille, she was intensely lonely and she let her guard down. The handsome doctor who cared for the village, in which she was hiding, showed an interest in her and she let him in. It was not long before Thaddeus Hawthorne had earned her heart and her trust. She took him into her confidence and when they were together, a bond was form linking their auras. Thaddeus became her soul mate for life. Their auras connected in such a way that he would come through time with her. Together they packed up and went in search of Camille.

When they found her Emma was taken captive. Thad stayed close to where they were being held waiting for the word from Emma that she had a plan set in motion to free them. It was a long time coming and finally only came after Emma and Camille were forced to kill several of their fellow captives to be free of an organization that was using them all to manipulate world events.

Since they obtained their freedom, they have vowed to do whatever is necessary to stay out of the organization’s hands. In its latest incarnation, the organization is calling itself Bradbury after the author who penned, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”; it is just the type of thing the current leader, and Lawrence Stomare would find amusing. Emma has on her “to-do list” to kill Stomare in a very painful way.

In this present life she is a Homicide Detective who is part of the city’s Serial Crimes Unit, in other words, she gets the weird cases. Camille Huntley is her partner. Her partner and her lover form her circle and with them Emma has finally found a measure of peace. The only pothole in the smooth road of her life is that more and more serial killers pop up the sicker the world becomes.



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