The Series Finally Has A Name

the beautiful dreams



Well the series that will house the tale these characters want to share with the world finally has, after much of noisy debate a title. The books have titles and themes and ideas for covers.

I am sorry I was away, but I need to recuperate from the noise this bunch makes when they argue! Yeesh!

So, without further rambling, here are the finals.


Series Name: Murder Forever On My Mind

Book One: The Beautiful Dreams

Cover: Gardenia (symbol of I am dreaming of you), dripping blood on a black background. With a hint of vampirically cold glow around it.

Story: Em and Cam are beginning to get the feeling that Bradbury is looking for them again. They are thinking about pulling up stakes when a bizarre murder happens that the two know is not going to be a single homicide but a serial case. The killer dresses up young women who he has raped and strangled in clothing just like that in the 1860s painting named for Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamer.” He then leaves behind a music box that is unique because it is a swan floating on a lake, but instead of playing the expected, “Swan Lake”, it plays, “Beautiful Dreamer” by Stephen Foster and a bouquet of gladiolas is left behind with a note, “Thank you for the beautiful dream.” Em and Cam must decide whether to use their gifts to stop the killer before the bodies really start to pile up and possibly give away their location to Bradbury or just hand the case over to other detectives and protect themselves and Thad.


Book Two: A Tangled Web

Cover: Orange Lily (hatred, the language of flowers), dripping blood against a black background, there will be a spider just inside the petals.

Story: Em and Cam know that Bradbury is looking for them and has found some of the places they lived in the past. They have decided they will stay put and fight when they are found. In the meantime, a clever killer is loose on the streets of The Duke City. This killer leaves a body encased in a paraffin web, all external signs of gender have been removed from the body and the wounds cauterized, the cause of death appears to be fear induced heart attack. She leaves her artwork attached to first the wall of an abandoned warehouse and then a victim’s own home. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, each body has a neat little bite mark on its neck right by the brain stem and is full of an unknown toxic compound.


Book Three: Roses Are Red

Cover: White Rose (Secrecy, I know a secret in The Language of Flowers), dripping blood, against a black background with a vampiric glow.

Story: Em and Cam are under stress, they know that Bradbury is drawing closer they can feel it. As they brace for battle, a young woman who looks remarkably like Em is found, drained completely of blood, two puncture wounds in her neck, sexually assaulted with something other than a human body part, cleaned and dressed in a pretty nightgown and posed in bed as though her lover just left her. And left behind at the scene is a bouquet of white roses, drenched in the victim’s blood. Em and Cam knows it means that someone suspects what they are and thinks that Cam is a sanguine vampire. Can they find the killer before the killer exposes their secret. They will definitely end up in the hands of Bradbury if the human authorities arrest them.


Book Four: These Wicked Delights

Cover: Light Pink Rhododendron, (Danger! in The Language of Flowers),  dripping blood, against a a black background

Story: Em and Cam prepare for battle, they have decided that it will be death, theirs or whoever Bradbury has sent for them, because they are not going back in cages like lab specimens and they will not be made to kill for profit, ever again. They are called to a homicide at an address that is familiar, it belongs to the daughter of the owner of the restaurant they eat at often, the girl was a college student who for extra money cleaned both of their homes. The other cops at the scene believe the girl was shot at close range with a large gun and that is why her head exploded. Em and Cam know that it was done by someone gifted, as they are gifted, someone who undoubtedly works for Bradbury. As a second victim is found, this time a coworker and they were murdered in a different, but still magickal way, they know a team has been sent for them. Can they find the team members and stop them before they lose everyone they hold dear? Can they stop the team before they come after Thad?


Book Five: Pennies From Purgatory

Cover: Poppy (Eternal Sleep, Oblivion in The Language of Flowers), dripping with blood on a black background

Story: Em and Cam have decided that they will have to go to D.C. and kill Lawrence Stromare, the leader of Bradbury and destroy all the agents loyal to the organization, if they are ever going to be free of it. While they are there, they make contact with a detective who has recently left Bradbury, she holds information on Stromare that makes him reluctant to come after her, so she lives in peace. She asks them for their help on a case unlike any she has worked on before, the case, if she solves it quickly, efficiently and can make the police department come out smelling like roses will make her career. She has never had to survive outside of Bradbury, she was raised there. Success as a police officer will assure she can support herself away from Bradbury. Citizens of the nation’s capital are turning up dead, strangled, with pennies placed on their eyelids face down, which the detective tells them means whoever is killing them wants their souls forever trapped in purgatory. Em and Cam help her, not because she promises to give them the information on Stromare put because it is what they have sworn to do. They must keep Stromare from finding them, stop the killer and close down Bradbury once and for all. Busy much?


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