Beautiful Dreamer, Pt. 4



Beautiful Dreamer

by Z M Dawson

All Rights Reserved, 2014


Emma looked up from her computer to find Bea on the phone checking into the music box. While she waited for her to finish her call, Emma took in the precise and orderly desk in front of Bea, when she looked at the cluttered mess of her own, she just her head and chuckled. Differences like that had always amused her and Emma was aware that their fellow detectives wondered how two such different people could not only be partners, but also friends.


Bea hung up the phone. “ The music box is not mass produced. None of the shops I have contacted seem to sell it or have seen anything just like it. They all agree that the pairing of swans on a lake with “Beautiful Dreamer” is unusual.”


“So maybe in a surrounding state?” Emma stretched and sighed in relief at the crunching sound her back made. “I have been going over the lyrics. Listen.” Emma hit a button on her screen and began reading out loud.


“Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,

Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;

Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day,

Lull’d by the moonlight have all pass’d away!

Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song,

List while I woo thee with soft melody;

Gone are the cares of life’s busy throng,

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea

Mermaids are chanting the wild lorelie;

Over the streamlet vapors are borne,

Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn.

Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart,

E’en as the morn on the streamlet and sea;

Then will all clouds of sorrow depart,

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!


There is nothing in the lyrics about swans or a lake, so I am having trouble seeing the connection the swans have to the song. They must have some personal meaning that only makes sense to this guy.” Emma dragged her hands through her already shaggy hair.


“Did you try connecting Stephen Foster, who wrote the song, to swans or maybe even Swan Lake?” Bea rubbed her temples.


“Not yet. Do you need to eat?” Emma whispered.


“No. I am fine.” Bea whispered back, her voice sounded slightly hollow.


“Let’s go to lunch, Bea. I’m starved!” Emma got up, grabbed Bea’s blazer and her jacket, and took Bea by the arm.


“I am fine.” Bea said through lips that had gone colorless.


“Don’t give me a hard time. Just come with me, Bea.” Emma propelled her reluctant partner out of the building and to her car. She knew Bea was starved, because she said nothing about getting in a car with Emma driving.


Emma drove to her house, since it was closer, logged them out with dispatch and practically carried Bea to the door. She sighed with relief when it opened and Thad appeared in the doorway. He easily lifted Bea into his muscled arms and gently took her back to the master bedroom. Thad looked down at Bea’s pale face and carefully settled her on the bed.


“Her breathing is labored, Em.” His round cat green eyes were worried when he looked up at Emma.


“She thinks she is a monster. She used the fact that I was preoccupied with the case and not watching as closely as I should to try to ignore what she is.” Emma started to undress. “Thad, I know how you feel about all of this. That you love her, but are not sure you are okay with feeding her. She waited too long this time, I don’t have enough juice to bring her back to normal, she needs you too.” She crawled onto the bed beside Bea, who just turned towards her warmth. “Please, baby, help her.” Emma’s eyes were wet with tears when she looked at Thad.


Thad ran his hands through his shoulder-length, caramel brown hair and looked at his reason for living and then down at his best friend whose stunning, ice blue eyes, were swallowed by her dilated pupils. Her breathing was rasping in and out of her chest and tears ran down her colorless face as she screamed silently.


“Bea, stop it!” Emma slapped her best friend across the face hard enough that it knocked her head back. She sniffed and held back tears when angry color flooded Bea’s cheeks. “Good, be angry, just take what you need so you don’t leave us!”


Emma looked away from Bea when she felt the weight of Thad joining them on the bed. His gorgeous body was just how she liked it best, without clothes. He stroked the cold strands of hair from Bea’s face and kissed her brow.


“Shhhh… Bea I am here. Em and I are going to help you. We are here, feed from us.”


“Thank you.” Emma whispered over Bea’s head. She ran her hands down Bea’s side and back up. Bea shivered. Emma quickly undid the buttons of Bea’s blouse. Bea moaned in pleasure as Thad ran his hands over the flesh Emma was exposing. He slid her slacks and the piece of lace under them down her legs. Thad sat up, removed her shoes and pulled both over her feet. His breath caught in his chest when he glanced up and saw Emma pull one of Bea’s nipples into her mouth and suck hard. Bea’s eyes cleared instantly she pulled Emma up to her for a kiss and then she pushed Thad back onto the pillows.


“ Em, straddle Thad, just like you would if I were not here.” She moved back to give Emma room. When Emma had taken Thad into her, she ran her hands down Emma, kneading her breasts, fluttering over her abdomen, then pressing herself to Emma’s back, she ran her hands down to where Emma and Thad were joined. She slid her finger across Emma’s body, just above where Thad filled her and began to make circular motions. Emma jerked forward and impaled herself on Thad. He gave a throaty shout and began to move in and out of her in steady rhythm.


“Ohmigod!” Emma moaned as she could feel her body bunching, preparing to explode with the first release. Bea leaned into her, pressing her breasts into her back and reached around her to stroke Thad’s scrotum. Her eyes began to glow as she opened herself and opened first Emma’s auric shield, then Thad’s. Bea slid her aura inside theirs and stroked them from the inside as they stroked each other outside.


Thad made a sound half groan, half growl and arched his back, digging his hands into the mattress, thrusting harder into Emma. Emma screamed as she came. Just as her body relaxed from one orgasm another stole her breath.


Bea moaned and reared her head back. Her eyes blind with ecstasy, glowed into the half-light of the shuttered room. When she came, she bumped herself against Emma’s back until she could be still. Bea slowly, as though reluctant drew herself out of Emma’s aura. Emma bucked violently, caught off guard by another orgasm. Bea slowly drew herself out of Thad’s aura and he thrust hard into Emma and came.


Bea sat back on her heels and watched Thad’s face closely, waiting for him to show disgust. A tear slid down her face, when he smiled at her, then laughed.


“I knew it felt good when I was feeling what Emma was feeling, but I had no idea. Bea, that was amazing!” He wiped the tear away. “Was it enough? Are you alright now?”


“Yes.” Bea’s voice was unsure. “Are you sure you are okay with this, Thad? I do not want to lose your friendship or cause problems between you and Em.”


“Bea. You know I have no problems expressing myself. If it was not okay or I planned never to do it again, I would just say so.” He leaned over to kiss her forehead, then her nose, and then her lips.


“What about a kiss for me?” Emma stuck out her bottom lip.


Thad leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth.


“I kiss you all the time. I meant the gorgeous brunette.” She smiled at Bea.


Bea crawled forward and rested her forehead against Emma’s. Then she gently kissed her brow. She moved back a little and kissed the tip of her Irish nose and then she straddled her and kissed her until, Emma’s breath came in short, little pants.


“Better?” Bea said still sitting astride Emma.


“Much.” Emma smiled. “Now get off of me, we have a killer to catch.”


When Bea moved, she jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom door. “Dibs on the shower.” She grinned and then disappeared into the room and closed the door.


Thad and Bea laughed and shook their heads.


“Bea. You have to promise me, that you are not going to let your hunger go like that anymore. Clearly, Emma and now me, enjoy what you bring to us when you feed.” He ran his big hands down her tousled midnight hair. “Promise?”


“Yes. I promise. It is something I just wish I could get over, like the measles or the flu. It feels so evil, so wrong.”


“We are both willing. We both understand what we are giving you permission to do. It gives us tremendous pleasure and allows us to take part in preserving your life. That is not evil. It is a gift. One I am glad I finally let myself fully enjoy.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her.


“Maybe with you and Emma I can finally start to think of myself as something other than a monster. I can find peace.”


“You deserve peace, Bea. You have such a kind heart and a loving soul.” He locked fingers with her. “And you can actually put up with working with my Em. Many have tried and failed.” He shook his head.


“She is the perfect opposite for me. We work well together.” Bea glanced toward the bathroom door, where Emma was singing ‘On The Boardwalk’ off –key.


“My woman. Warrior. Crusader for justice. Thorough Cop. Terrific best friend, soul mate and lover.” He winced as she hit a note that made the dog next door howl. “And she can’t sing a note.”


Bea fell over because she was laughing so hard.



While Bea was in the shower, Emma called dispatch and reported in, telling the dispatcher that they were following up a lead at the library. Then she fixed herself a sandwich. Bea, usually did not want food so soon after feeding, so Emma grabbed two bottles of water. She heard Bea come out of the master bedroom and go into the guest room.


“Bea, come on. I want to get to library and see what we can find out about Stephen Foster and about swans.” Emma yelled in the general direction of the guest room, where Bea had gone to change after her shower.


Bea dressed in one of the outfits she kept in Emma guest closet. She put on the perfectly creased turquoise slacks and Kelly green shell, and put the matching turquoise waterfall cardigan on. Bea carefully secured her black tresses back with a headband. The outfit matched the jewelry she had already been wearing. She slid her feet into blade-thin heels the exact same shade of green as the shell and went in search of her partner. She shook her head at Emma’s ensemble of wrinkled skinny jeans that were once black, a black over-sized sweater, boots and her faithful jacket. Emma shrugged her shoulder. Gave Thad a big smacking kiss and headed for the door.


“Bye Thad. Thank you for everything.” Bea kissed him softly on the mouth.


“You’re welcome. Anytime.” He smiled.


Bea smiled and followed Emma out the door.


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