Beautiful Dreamer (Tentative Title)


Story Idea

Preternaturally gifted and somewhat immortal Detective Sargent Emmaline Mercer and her equally gifted best friend and partner, Beatrix Huntley are finally settling into the new life they have created for themselves when they are confronted with a case that may force them to use their gifts and expose themselves to stop the body count from rising.

They are called to a scene where the killer has left the victim dressed up to resemble an old painting that symbolized the timeless song by Stephen Foster, Beautiful Dreamer. The woman has been romanced, wined and dined against her will and then forced to complete the killer’s fantasy night of passion. Then he strangled her and dressed her like the woman in the painting, right down to the little book in her lifeless hand. Amidst the guttered candles and rose petals, he left one other clue, a music box with a tiny swan gliding in circles around a lake, that plays “Beautiful Dreamer”.

Emma and Bea consult with Emma’s soul mate, Thad, who is bound to Emma and no longer aging, about using their gifts to stop this killer and the risk it mean for all of them. If they use their gifts they could pop onto the radar of the organization they are hiding from, Bradbury and that could mean going back to lives spent in a cage doing Bradbury’s bidding for Emma and Bea and death for Thad.

In the end, they make the only choice that they can make and not go against every oath they took as police officers. What will it mean for them and will it be enough to catch this killer?


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