Emma’s Profile To The Max


Stock Photo of redhead. I zero in on the hair, that is how I want Emma’s hair to be.

Character Profile To The Max: Emma

1.Emmaline Meaghan Mercer, now. She began life as Meaghan O’Ciardha. And she has had many names over the centuries, but she always keeps Meaghan as part of the name.

2. Under The Celtic Animal Zodiac: Wolf

3. a. becoming useless and therefore, not living up to her life purpose of getting justice.
b. ending up either under persecution like during The Burning Times or in a cage.
c. being the reason that Thad’s life is cut short.

4. a. listening to the night sounds
b. a good pint of ale
c. cuddling up in front of the fire with Phe the cat, Thel the dog, and Thad, just being.

5. a. Long, thick curly hair on a man
b. southern accents, like Thad’s
c. a tight set of male buns
d. appreciation of her somewhat aggressive sexuality

6. a. the business suit type, all buttoned down and repressed.
b. lack of wits
c. a man who is afraid of a strong woman.
d. prudish men

7. Beatrix Huntley, my partner.

8. pansexual, newly discovered, as in the last 100 years, since meeting Bea. The first time
Bea fed on her, she was surprised at how much of a turn on it was. The way Bea feeds is
through opening the life force in the core of a living being and gently removing some of it. She has found a way to make it into lust, which is safer for leaving your meal alive when your done, the lust flows both ways though, so both are experiencing sexual awareness and attraction to a female for the first time.

9. The first time Thad took me out to dinner after we were free from Bradbury.

10. I am 5 ft 4in tall.

11. I miss the feel of steel in my hand and the primal feeling of going into battle. The gun has take all the spirit out of the process of fighting your enemies.

12. I was born at 3:33 am, or as my people called it the Witching Moment. We did not mark time the same way as it is marked today, but I heard my people all mention that I was born in the Witching Moment, which is now known to be 3:33 a.m. on a Saturday, with a full moon. It was known from my first breath that I would be given great gifts by the Gods.

13. I can appreciate nature and therefore, notice color. Plus, given my job, attention to the details and subtleties of color is important. However, I do not do the girly thing of decorating my space. Thad make sure we leave in surroundings that are aesthetically pleasing to him and they suit me fine, as long as there is a bed. Gosh, I guess, any shade of brown would be my favorite color. I seem to own a lot of it. Or maybe red, I have a red car.

14. No. I was a warrior, with a warrior needs by the time I hit the ‘silly years’.

15. “Off all the creatures on the Earth and in the sea, none is as dangerous as man.” – unknown. To me truer words have never been spoken. Other creatures may have fangs, claws, venom, and more speed, but none has the innate quality to destroy anything that is different itself. Or is more likely to destroy the whole world in trying to kill its enemy.

16. Newly discovered: Cuddled between Bea and Thad, feeling their hearts beating against me, their skin touching mine for just a little while I know what it is to never be alone.

17. My favorite food is French fries, I am not sure how I existed all those centuries without them!

18. I use sarcasm as a second language.

19. If I am in my car or home alone I would be listening to chimes, rain, the sounds of nature, with gentle additions made by man. Deuter would be acceptable. If I am in Thad’s truck or he is at home playing music I am listening to, Heavy Metal, his personal favorite is the dulcet sounds of Mudvayne. If I am in Bea’s sedan or her house or she is visiting mine, I am listening to classical, her personal favorite is Beethoven.

20. the first thing I notice about someone is their aura, if the aura is wrong, then the person is not to be trusted.

21. Where do they find these questions? I were a size 6 shoe. I also do not get the fascination that Bea has with owning so many. I would own my boots and my sneakers, if it were up to me, but she keeps insisting we go to things were I have to dress up and she always buys new shoes to go with whatever she had decided to put me in.

22. My eyes are what they refer to as Kelly Green, round and cynical.

23. My hair is a coppery red, that I chop at when it gets in my face or starts to tickle my neck.

24. I wear whatever comes to hand when I need to be wearing it. I often sit around in nothing but a pair of shorts and a half shirt at home, until I go upstairs and then it is nothing, which is what I like best. I also do not get the fascination with clothes, they are for keeping you from freezing in winter and burning in summer, after that who cares?

25. When I was not a cop, they had no phones. Since I have been a cop, I would not do a prank call, because I would then have to arrest myself.
26. I am not wearing underwear right now, I forgot to put it on when the phone rang and I was dragged out of bed to go to a crime scene.

27. My URL, is my name and through the department. Meaning?

28. My absolute favorite movie of all time is ‘King Arthur’ with Clive Owen and Keira Knightley, it comes the closest to telling the tale right and it was nice to see women fighting in the old ways and kicking butt.

29. I do not have a favorite song, I prefer my music without words. I do not mind listening to Thad sing in the shower, he has a good rich baritone.

30. I also do not have a favorite band. I just look for nature music, new age stuff, is what they call most of what I listen to.

31. I am slightly peeved that I have to sit here and answer these inane and time-consuming questions.

32. Someone I love?! Who has no life and has decided to share their misery by coming up with this thing? I love Thad and Bea, in equal measure, carnally, but very differently. There, satisfied?

33. I am in a committed relationship with Thad and Bea.

34. My relationship with my parents was good. They have been gone for over 3,000 years, so all the petty things that seemed important then no longer matter. I just remember the love.

35. I love Samhain. Or as you call it now, Halloween.

36. I have tribal tattoos on each of my upper arms, a wolf over my Solar Plexus Chakra, and a design that is Thad and Bea’s names on my ass. When I got it I told them it branded me as theirs, just in case anyone was so overcome by the majesty of my ass they got ideas. Bea laughed so hard she feel off her chair. Which made me laugh so hard I cried, Bea is always graceful! I have my ears pierced, but it is a recent thing done to appease Bea on one of her dressing me up occasions.

37. I am happy with the tattoos and piercings that I have, thank you.

38. I have not joined any social media sites and have no plans to do so, unless it will help solve a case.

39. I just finished “Seduction In Death” by J.D. Robb. I love those books, they have a heroine who kicks butt and gets the job done, while still having a husband. She is not robowoman or too soft to actually be a cop. I love her. I love books as well. I have tons of them, it is what I collect.

40. Thad texts me several times a day, often just saying “I 41. I have more than kissed the last person who texted me… considering it was Thad!

42. Honestly, the person who came up with this needs to get out more! I held hands this morning with Bea and Thad, while we were in bed together, with Bea feeding, Purrrrr! ( I guess it is a good thing I am filling this thing out for you, or I would have just blown the heck out of our cover! Better be careful, who you let see this!)

43. 5 mins, without coffee. With coffee, 8 mins. Bea, it can take hours, I just do not understand it, she is older than me and she still is in to all the clothing and falderal that go along with the clothing of this time.

44. There is nothing to shave. I just am not a hairy person, none on any place save my head. Let your imagination wander as you would like.

45. I am sitting at my laptop in my mess of an office, filling out this stupid questionnaire because my author asked me to. I hope she is feeling the love.

46. I do not drink to the point of being drunk, too many bad things can happen if I am not in control of myself and my gifts.

47. I like my music to become part of the background.


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