Meet My Chief Villian




Name: (Now) Lawrence Stormare, Born: Amundr Leifrsonn

Age: 4,667 years of age, approximately. One doesn’t pay as close attention to such insignificant details after such a long period of time.

Born: On what would later be called Gotland Island, Sweden, near the future town of Visby.

Gifts: Precognitive, Telepathic, Telekinetic, Empath


Lawrence was born when civilizations were just getting their start in the Scandinavian region. His parents and siblings fought hard for the little they had and kept Lawrence’s differences from the other villagers, because they would have stoned him to death.

And unfortunate incident with one of the other youths in the village that ended with the youth skinned and hung from the tree, because he would not cease teasing Lawrence, had caused his parents to send him away before he could be killed. This suited him fine, he hated being around people who feared him and believed there had to be more to life than snuffing at the ground all day long to barely be able to survive. So, he took work on a ship, the crew were raucous and primal and Lawrence found they did not fear him, they found him useful.

By the time he was 17 he had command of his own ship and he and the crew were in the sole business of overtaking other vessels and killing everyone aboard, then looting the cargo. He became quite wealthy in the coin of the realm, metals, and with the proper contacts to divest of this coin, he was able to give the ship over to his second by the age of 25. This landed him on the island that would become England and he was quick to set himself up as a seer and priest of the Druid faith. This allowed him to be among the people and not arouse suspicion because they believed his not aging was due to his connections with their gods and was a gift from them. Lawrence has never known exactly when he stopped aging or why, he thinks he is near forty, but is not certain. This ruse of someone who dealt in peace and faith amused him until the Romans showed up. Then he waited for his chance, killed a Roman noble and assumed his identity.

One night about a hundred years later he noticed men following him. He figured they were trying to rob or kidnap him, so he decided to play with them. After killing three of the seven, one spoke to him with just his mind. It was the first time, Lawrence had ever met anyone who had the gift to do what he could. He agreed to a truce for a chance to talk to this man before killing him and the others who had followed him.

The man asked to go back to Lawrence’s lodgings and he agreed, it would be easier to kill them in his own familiar territory. During the conversation that would change the course of Lawrence’s life he found out that the man, Lucius, was the leader of a group of assassins who did not kill through ordinary means, but with their abnormalities. It made it easy for them to accomplish goals others could not, because they could kill from afar and make it look natural. He offered Lawrence a place in the organization at that time, it called itself, Tesator Mortis, or Silent Death. Lawrence liked the idea of killing with his gifts, instead of a sword and agreed to join them.

Within ten years of joining Tesator Mortis, he had killed all the right people to be the leader, therefore the lion’s share of the wealth went to him. He and the organization wreaked havoc across Europe for a thousand years. Rumors grew aiding the fear that went with them everywhere and with all of the political unrest they were kept quite busy.

Lawrence has had many names over the years, however he adopted the name of Lawrence Stormare in the late 1700s and has been simply leaving his wealth to his distant relative with the same name. He then assumes that relatives identity and continues with his avocation. He also changes the name of the organization to whatever he feels will evoke the most fear in that time. In the time of the Nazis and the SS, the organization was known as, Feude Mord, or Joy In Killing, they were quite feared and used to erase any officer who was soft on the principals of the Reich, as well as enemies of all governments involved. The organization never aligns itself with a country or ideal, they just kill for whoever offers the most money.

He is now the leader of Bradbury, which he jokingly named the organization, because of his fondness for Bradbury’s tale, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. The organization has been in a decline, because he underestimated a dynastic witch and a chi vampire and their escape has inspired others to escape. He is searching for them and when he finds them, they will beg for death, which he will grant after he has tortured them in every way he can think of. When he does grant it, he dreams of how horrific he will make it, so that a thousand years from now they are talking about what happened to those who betrayed the organization. As soon as he has dealt with this little problem, he is planning a membership drive. Because as long as Lawrence Stormare exists there will be an organization and it will be strong, silent, autonomous and deadly. It will inspire fear and demand top dollar. And no mere witch or vampire will bring it down.


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