How’d You Do That?




Have you ever wondered how a book gets written? If you look the process up on the internet you will become overwhelmed with all of the “Methods” out there. And in honesty, I do not think anyone else’s method will work for you. You must develop your own.

I imagine there are some authors who are completely “Pantsers”, which means that they have a general idea of the story they want to tale and they sit down at the computer and go for it, see where the characters take them. And I know there are authors who are completely “Plotters”, which means they plot out every part of the story, outline to within an inch of their lives and know exactly what goes where. However, I believe that most people are combinations of the two most popular methods.

It made me think. When I was writing a book, it would have been helpful for someone to “show” me and not tell me their process from the birth of the idea to the finished product, ready to be submitted to a publisher, agent or self-publishing service.

So, with that in mind I decided to try my hand at writing a serial novel. After a few weeks of misery and way too much structure for me, I have kicked that idea to the curb, hard and with no remorse. I also realized by simply serializing the novel, I still was not giving a glimpse into the steps, sweat, tears and characters that go into the final novel.

I am here now, this journey to share the process has led me here. I have the beginning stages of a rough draft uploaded to the blog. You can find what will end up being the novel, under the widget entitled, “The Library”, the novel is currently titled, Beautiful Dreamer, All Rights Reserved, 2015. (Snaking is tacky and you have not completed the journey yourself if you steal other people’s words and claim them as your own. I have no mercy in my being for snakers.)

So, I will populate the blog with the chapters as they come, with the rewrites, with the outlining that has been done, with short glimpses at the major characters and minor ones that crop up in my head demanding to have their part in the tale. And when I am finished, I hope you will have a honest glimpse into what it is like for this indie author to write a novel. This is a story I long to tell, because I want everyone who has a tale to tell to be able to get it out there for others to read. I seriously cannot think of anything I would rather do than write and I know others feel the same way.

Enjoy the story!



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